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Chris with Vince Taylor (Mr. Olympia Competitor) at Universal Studios

Chris DiTroia (Owner/ Chief Instructor)

Resides: Pennsylvania 
Weight: 275 lbs 
Height: 5'08"

Chris is the chief instructor of the Real Combat Martial Arts Fight Team and Martial Arts School. Chris started his training at a very young age. Martial Arts has been a major part of his life and he still has a driving passion for training and teaching the skills that make a fighter great.

One of the major factors that has made Chris a successful martial artist and trainer is his constant search for new techniques and martial arts styles that work in real combat situations whether that is in the ring, cage or on the street. Chris trains by one major philosophy, “As I find holes in my game, I very quickly look for ways to fill them. I try to turn weaknesses into strengths for both my students and myself. I am currently doing some cross training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Rogerio Taborda. Rogerio is a black belt from Brazil under Rickson Gracies lineage. This supplements my ground skills, and gives me a different perspective and set of skills to use when fighting and teaching.”

Through bouncing at night clubs for over a decade and fighting in too many full contact fights to count, he has been able to do what is one of the most important things for a fighter to do. What’s that you ask? It is the ability to discover what really works when someone is trying to knock your head off of your shoulders, or break a limb. By learning this through experience, you then know what is the most important things for you to practice and to teach. Chris says, “it is important to teach my fighters the best ways to finish a fight without getting yourself hurt. This is important in the ring and in a defense situation, and should be the focus of anyone who wants to be a great fighter.”

When training, Chris makes sure that all ranges of fighting are trained equally. He has skills and knowledge from kicking to punching to clinching to grappling to wrestling and submission and makes all workouts focus on the skills that make you great in all of these ranges.

Focusing on the Science of combat and the needs of a fighter.
Phone Number: (570)-574-8565