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Dr. Richard Doc Fischbein M.D.

Resides: Pennsylvania
Practices: In Kingston PA

Dr. Richard Fischbein is board certified physician in psychiatry and medicine. He has been one of the most important members of the Real Combat Fight Team. Having a doctor on the team ensures that we both fight and train in the safest most efficient way possible. He corners every fighter on the team along with DiTroia and is always able to assess the fighters condition to make sure they are safe and healthy both between rounds and after the fights. DiTroia says, “It is great having him in the corner, he can speak with the ring doctor and keep from having fights stopped to early which is so nice, and rare in this sport.”

Perhaps one of the most important attributes that DOC brings to the team is an extensive Martial Arts background. Doc has been training and learning Martial Arts from Chris DiTroia for over 12 years. Before his time training with Real Combat, he trained under several other instructors and was in several martial arts competitions in which he was very successful. “Doc LOVES fighting, it is one of his favorite ways to de-stress from his rigorous practice. At 52 years of age, he still is a force when he fights. It’s never fun, it’s always work. He is a very intense fighter. He still has wash board abs for gods sakes” DiTroia says.

Doc is one of DiTroia’s closest friends. He and DiTroia are the foundation of the Real Combat fight team. No matter what else he has in his busy schedule, he takes his time as team doctor as a priority and NEVER misses a fight that the team is in. His main concern is the safety and health of his fighters.


Doc during prep time for Riches fight
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